Thank you everyone who attended our first hybrid Wellness Afternoon! We hope you had a chance to visit with colleagues, explore campus, learn something new, or just relax and take some time to recharge. We would love to hear feedback on the event so we can improve next year. If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to fill out the short post-event survey:

Success of the event comes down to facilitators who host sessions, and volunteers who help us throughout the day. Please join us in thanking:

  • Verina Zhang
  • Jessica Iverson
  • Annie Yim
  • Cicy Guimond
  • Drew Senay
  • Cheryl Tyler
  • Natalie Fallis
  • Chris Eaton
  • Ashley Elchuk
  • Judy McGuigan
  • Edenia Lai
  • Jennifer Chin
  • Rebeca Lau

Here are some photos from the day and some of the nice things people had to share about their experience at Wellness Afternoon!

It was relaxing and creative. I really liked the chance to work on my own project but be surrounded by colleagues. Everyone was supportive.

Feedback from Painting with Cicy

LOVED running in the forest with colleagues!

First time running with a crew! Drew and Cheryl inspired/encouraged me to sign up for an 8k race in Victoria next month.

Feedback from Walk/Run with Drew and Cheryl

I never knew it was so accessible to create your own soap! very fun session and good building blocks to experiment with new techniques now that I know the secret.

Feedback from Soap Making with Annie

It was calming and relaxing

Feedback from Yoga with Jess

Yoga with Verina is something I look forward to every wellness day!

Feedback from Yoga with Verina

Very fun session! Would love to have another session to learn another type of knit stitches!

Feedback about Knitting with Nat

Chris was so nice and patient to explain the rules and the game 

Feedback about Bocce with Chris

Trippy and engaging. Loved laughing with my colleagues. Great idea!

Feedback about Oculus VR with Ash

Enjoyable, fun exercise, was a nice day, learned factoids about campus, enjoyed the challenge

Feedback about Campus Scavenger Hunt

It was reminded about how beautiful our campus is and how many incredible resources/attractions we have right at our fingertips. It was an excellent reminder to take the time to participate and appreciate our surroundings.

Feedback about Campus Attractions