Thank you everyone for your participation in our eighth annual ES Wellness Afternoon! While it was primarily virtual for the second time, a few folks were able to get together on the Vancouver campus, and it was again a delight to be able to have Okanagan staff participate as well.

Please share with us your thoughts on how this year’s event went, as well as your suggestions for next year, in our evaluation survey:

Keep on reading for pictures and highlights from the day!

Virtual Escape Room

Ariel Lee outdid herself, leading two sessions of a Brock Hall and UBC themed Virtual Escape Room! Reviews at the wrap-up session were unanimous:

Ariel, it was amazing! Great job – Holly Ma

The virtual escape room was so much fun! – Manpreet Virdi

And here’s the even better news – you can try it out on your own time too with your own team! Ariel even said she’s open to emails asking for clues too, if you ask nicely.

Check it out here:

Mural Painting

Big thanks to Cicy Guimond for once again leading painting sessions for the ES staff! This time, everyone was assigned a portion of the same picture and when we’re all back in Brock Hall we will find a space to hang up the resulting masterpiece!

Here’s a sneak peak of the incredible artwork that will soon adorn Brock Hall:

A screenshot of ES colleagues and their completed paintings
Cicy and our featured Brock Hall artists!

Positive Coping Strategies

Miranda Massie, UBC’s Workplace Wellbeing Practices & Learning Consultant, led a large group in this insightful workshop on positive coping strategies. Check out resources from the course here:

Nailed It! ES Edition

Annie Yim did her very best Nicole Byer impression, leading two groups of staff through an ES spinoff of the Netflix hit show Nailed It! Where home bakers do their best to recreate unique creative baking creations.

We have some talented bakers in ES (Ellen Luu and Odessa Corletto impressed!), along with some others who maybe might not be up for any promotions into Food Services. Check out the creations below! (Click on the images to see the full size)


Mysha from Elements Academy of Martial Arts led two groups through self-defense training – here’s the notes from the day!

Self-Defence Notes

There’s a public course coming up this month as well – details are included in the notes linked above.

UBC Ergonomics Program

Abigail Overduin from UBC’s Ergonomics Program led two sessions on Home Office Ergonomics, and Digital Eye Strain + Ergo Your Posture. Check out some resources below, along with links to how you can register for this training through central HR.

Your Personality Type at Work

Coby Thurmeier led a group through work related to their personality type. Discover your personality type at and check out the deck from the session below:

Presentation Deck

Documentary & Discussion

Ashley Elchuk facilitated group discussion after watching the 2017 short film Holy Angels which tells the story of a survivor of the residential school system. Following the film we engaged in a discussion about the history of residential schools and shared information and resources on reconciliation, shared here below:


Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who led and produced sessions for this year’s event:

  • Jessica Iverson
  • Ariel Lee
  • Cicy Guimond
  • Robbie Morrison
  • Debbie Lin
  • Kristina Shen
  • Holly Ma
  • Debbie Oon
  • Susana Baez
  • Kim Sicoli
  • Judy McGuigan
  • Annie Yim
  • Ashley Elchuk
  • Coby Thurmeier
  • UBC Rec
  • Miranda Massie
  • Abigail Overduin
  • Munir Velji & LifeWorks (UBC’s EFAP Provider)