Assignment 2: E-Learning Readiness Audit

This assignment can be done as a group. See the Group Assignment information below.

Using Unit 2 as a starting point, develop or adapt an existing e-learning readiness audit tool. Explain the decision making behind your tool adaptation or creation. If you adapted an existing tool, justify your selection of that tool and the reasoning behind the changes you made to it. If you developed your own tool, explain your rationale. In either case, explain how the tool will help you assess the e-learning readiness of the organization you are examining.

Use that tool to assess the e-learning readiness of an organization or institution. Ideally this will be a higher education organization that you work for, or one that you are quite familiar with. Please note that an e-learning readiness audit of a program, faculty or school within a larger organization is NOT acceptable.

The focus of the audit is institutional/organizational readiness so examining an already existing e-learning initiative or how the institution is currently implementing e-learning is not appropriate. Thus, it’s probably not a good idea to do an audit of an institution with a well-established e-learning program or an online/distance institution such as an open university or an online university.

Note also that the assessment is not meant to be a laborious, time-consuming process that involves the administration of surveys and the collection of primary data (although you are welcome to do this if you like). It should be based on publicly available information on the organization and your subjective assessment of the readiness of the organization, based on this information and the audit tool. It is important that you make clear what sources of information your assessment is based on.

We recognize that it may not be possible to get information on all factors. In this case, you can make inferences but you must make it clear what information you were or were not able to get and make a convincing case for your inference(s) . Ultimately this is meant to be your subjective assessment of the readiness based on the information you can gather and your framework for analysis.

The assignment should consist of:

  1. A brief description of the institution/organization that you are using for the audit.
  2. A description of the readiness tool that you developed or adapted and an explanation of the decision making that went in to the tool creation or adaptation.
  3. An assessment of institution/organization in terms of each factor in your readiness audit tool and a discussion the implications. For example, if you find that the organization’s IT infrastructure is inadequate, explain what would be needed to bring up to an appropriate level and what this means for the ability of the institution/organization to implement e-learning.
  4. A discussion of the overall readiness of the organization based on your audit.
  5. Recommendations for the next steps in planning and implementing e-learning at the organization.

We recommend that you use the four elements above as the structure of your assignment.

In assessing your assignment your instructor will be applying the following criteria:

  1. How well have you described the readiness tool that you developed or adapted?
  2. How clear, logical and well-supported is your explanation of your decision making process related to the tool creation or adaptation?
  3. How well have you explained your assessment of each factor?
  4. How well have you discussed the implications of your assessment of each factor?
  5. To what extent is the analysis supported by direct evidence from the audit?
  6. To what extent have the recommendations for planning and implementation been justified and supported with evidence from the audit?
  7. How well does the assignment draw on material from the course, particularly Unit 2.

Group Assignment Information

Groups must be no larger than four and each group member will receive the same mark for the assignment. Sign up for a group via the People tab in Canvas.

Submitting the Assignment

Maximum length for this assignment is 3000 words.

Upload your assignment to Canvas Assignments. It should be in Word format.