There are three assignments for this course. The grade breakdown is as follows:

  • Assignment #1: 25%
  • Assignment #2: 30%
  • Assignment #3: 35%

You will need to submit all three assignments to pass.


There is a collaborative option for Assignments 2 and 3. You can do one or both assignments in a group. Use the People tab on Canvas to sign up for a group.

Participation Grade

Ten per cent of your final grade is for participation in the discussion forums. To earn the full 10%  you need to contribute at least two messages to each unit discussion before its closing date.

Assignment Due Dates ( January 2020)

Assignment #1: Feb 2
Assignment #2: March 8
Assignment #3: April 5

Please note that the assignment due dates are FIRM. Extensions will only be granted in the case of personal or medical emergencies.

Submitting Your Assignments

You should submit your assignment to your instructor by uploading it to the appropriate assignment in Canvas Assignments. Please use the following file naming convention for your assignment file:

For example: bullen1.doc

Please note that we will not be able to review assignment drafts.

Requirements for All Assignments

  1. Assignments must be uploaded in Word format to Canvas Assignments.
  2. They must be double-spaced and paginated, and should contain the following:
    • your name(s),
    • assignment name and number,
    • course name,
    • the total word count (excluding references).

Assignments without this information will not be marked.

Documentation Standards

We expect you to use APA documentation standards in the work that you submit for evaluation. For more information APA standards, please read the following links:
APA Style guidelines
APA’s Style guidelines for citing Electronic sources


Copying material without the author’s permission or without proper reference can lead to cancellation of a student’s registration or expulsion from the program. For more information on UBC’s policies on Plagiarism, please read the following:
UBC Plagiarism Guidelines for Students

Plagiarism is a very serious disciplinary issue, and students will be given a zero grade for this course if found using someone else’s work (including other students’ work) without proper acknowledgement.

Use of Quotations

Quotations should be used sparingly and only if they add value to the paper by making a point in a way that you could not do just as effectively by paraphrasing and citing. It is also important to use them to support inferences, particularly if the inference is a bit contentious or extraordinary. Please read the document, Quotations: How to Pick Fruit from the Knowledge Tree.