This is an ambitious course. It examines institutional readiness for e-learning and touches on issues and strategies at several different levels: course, program, institutional and government/system. We have done this because decisions made at one level inevitably have an influence on decisions at other levels. You will need to be quite focused in your work. We have tried to divide the course so that the majority of it is concerned with institutional readiness, planning and implementation, but these need to be embedded in a wider context. Our advice is to continue to relate the course to your own context, while keeping an eye on planning and management in other contexts. We also advise you to try to keep on schedule, moving from one unit to another on the due dates. You should also use the assignment questions and marking criteria as guidelines on where to focus as you work through the material.

Lastly we would like to re-iterate the point that there are no well established principles or guidelines on planning and managing e-learning and learning technologies that you can safely follow in a systematic or well defined manner. You will need to remain flexible and open to a variety of approaches. What we have tried to do in this course is to make you more aware of the issues, and some possible alternatives and strategies for dealing with these issues. There is however plenty of scope for your own solutions and ideas, based on your experience, and we encourage you to share these with your fellow participants on this course.

If you have got this far, and have done as many of the activities as you intend to do, then you are now ready to start Unit 1. Just click on the Unit 1 tab on the top navigation bar.

We hope you enjoy this course!