Resources & Support

Library Services

All MET students have access to the full resources and support of the UBC library. The UBC library has extensive online resources such as research journals, databases and full-text resources. As well, you have limited access to print-based document delivery of materials that are not available online, but which are held by the library. This access will enable you to greatly extend the depth of your research in all of your MET courses.

Once again, we wish to emphasize that with so many resources available to you, you will need to use them selectively. We suggest that you follow the guidelines for each unit, that you cover the required readings, participate actively in the discussion forums, then use whatever remaining time you have on some of the other readings and resources, allowing time, of course, to do your assignments. Time management then is going to be important.

Technical Support

If you are having problems accessing the online course materials or using some the tools or features of the WordPress or Canvas platforms, you should contact the ETS Help Desk (also on the menu on the right).

Other Resources

Using Quotations Appropriately
Introductory Video on RSS

You do need to familiarize yourself with how to use this environment, so take a few minutes to move around the course and try out various links or tools.