Unit 1 – Readings & Resources

Recommended Reading & Resources

  • Bates, A.W. & Sangrà, A. (2011.) Managing Technology in Higher Education: Strategies for Transforming Teaching & Learning. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Chapters 1 & 2.

Additional Reading & Resources

  • Bullen, M. & Janes, D.P. (2007). Preface. In M. Bullen & D.P. Janes (Eds.) Making the Transition to E-Learning: Strategies and Issues, pp. vii-xvi, Hershey, PA: Information Science Publishing.

The Myth of the Digital Native

Learning Styles

Reading Tips

Read selectively and learn to skim over materials that are not directly relevant for the part of the assignment you are tackling at the moment, (although they may turn out to be useful later). We have indicated key pages – if you find them interesting/relevant, you may want to read the whole chapter/article. But plan your time.

Also, note that these readings are not listed in order of priority, although we have tried to indicate the more relevant sections.

You are now almost ready to start looking at planning and management issues in some detail. However first we want to briefly define the term, e-learning and discuss the impact it is having on teaching, so that the context in which planning and managing take place is fully understood.