Unit 4 – Discussion – Institutional Planning

Below are two examples of strategic plans for eLearning that were developed in 2012. The first is a departmental/school/faculty strategic plan for eLearning from a postsecondary institution. The second is a draft institutional strategic plan for the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Read both of these plans critically and post your comments to the discussion forum.

Use the following questions to guide your analysis:

  1. Do both plans include the key elements of a strategic plan as discussed in section 4.2: Mission, Environmental Scan, Rationale, Vision, Objectives, Strategies and Monitoring.
  2. How well does each plan address each of these elements?
  3. Do the plans provide concrete and realistic goals for e-learning and strategies for achieving those goals?
  4. Based on your analysis of these two plans, what is your overall assessment of their quality? What could have been done to improve one or both plans?

You may also want to read the article, Revisiting the Need for Strategic Planning for eLearning in Higher Education which is based on the eLearning strategy planning process used at BCIT.

Please try to keep your posts to 500 words or less.

Departmental eLearning Strategy

Draft eLearning Strategy

Revisiting the Need for Strategic Planning in eLearning in Higher Education

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