Denendeh: the Dene Nation’s Denendeh Environmental Working Group climate change case study (M4-1)

This article, available on the Encyclopedia of Earth website outlines a study which was carried out by the Dene Nation’s Denendeh Environmental Working Group (DEWG).  The article outlines Dene observations and knowledge about the issue of climate change, as it relates to the people and the land.  The article presents a brief history and background of the Dene Nation, describes the DEWG and its guiding questions:

  • Is there a difference today in Denendeh and is climate change having a role in these changes, what else may be causing it?
  • What climate change programs are there and how can our communities be more involved in research and communication about these changes?
  • If it is important to document Dene climate change views/knowledge, how should we communicate this knowledge with each other and to policymakers, governments, and others outside the north?
  • Is the DEWG a good mechanism to discuss climate change, what should we be talking about, and what else do we need to do?

The article would be a great resource for anyone who is interested in environmental issues and traditional aboriginal knowledge, as the article was written by the DEWG for Dene and other people.  It should be noted that the article is part of a larger body of work in the Encyclopedia of Earth called “The Changing Arctic: Indigenous Perspectives”.


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