First Nations and the Digital Divide


This article was actually already posted previously in the 2009 weblog for ETEC 521, but ties so well with both Module 1 and my research topic that I had to post it again.  Originally written in the Georgia Straight (A Vancouver Newspaper), the article has a number of great links to other resources related to broadband access for First Nations community members.  One quote which nicely surmises what the article is about is taken from one of the strategic plans cited in the piece; “First Nations citizens should not be forced to choose between clean water and access to technologies that can bring transformative changes to their communities.”  This article connects with our Module 1 discussions as it highlights the use of technology as a method of preserving and passing on language.  One of the elements I enjoyed the most about the Georgia Straight’s site is its use of embedded video interviews within the written article.  I’ve provided one of the interviews with a young man named Dustin Rivers above.  The message of the article is set against the backdrop of political priorities, as some say that housing and more basic necessities should take precedence over broadband internet.

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