The National Film Board of Canada

Related videos to stereotyping

The National Film Board of Canada has a website that has great videos about many different aspects of Indigenous peoples and their cultures. It provides a description of the films and then links to the films themselves. Links to similar films are listed on the right. The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate. One interesting series in particular (Daughters of the Country) is about a few different Metis women, their experiences (how some feel torn between their people and their husbands – if they married outside the tribe) and how the Metis (in Canada) had become a forgotten people. One of the films was made in Alberta which I found very intriguing (as I’m an Albertan), I love seeing videos created in Alberta’s beautiful landscape. These videos along with many created by the National Film Board of Canada connect with my topic of Elders and Technology as they depict some of the historical views & stereotypes that Western mainstream society articulates about Indigenous peoples in many different dimensions (including technolgoy) – we may say in correlation with Module 2’s Prins (2002) “paradox of primitivism”.

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