DEB (M2-#3): Stereotypes of American Indians in Cartoons & Animations


“Children learn sterotypes and attitudes about race from their parents, caretakers and the world around them” (Linn & Paussaint, 1999).

There have been over 1000 movies about Native Indians produced in Hollywood for the last 100 years. Disney  also has produced animations about First Nations, such as Peter Pan and Pocahontas. Also, Charlie Brown and Popeye have some scenes that have American Indians in them. Most of these animations potentially produce negative associations with Indigenous people. In most of these films, the Indigenous people are portrayed as dumb, stubborn, and treacherous. In Popeye particularly, the Native Indians are portrayed as savages who don’t trust anyone and are violent.

This YouTube video introduces couple of animations that have American Indians depicted in wrong ways. They give wrong information to children and as a result, children who watch these animations could have stereotypes against the First Nations. I didn’t realize that the animations produced the stereotypes against the First Nations until I watched this clip. It’s a little shocking and sad that these popular animations can negatively affect children’s thoughts.

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