DEB (M2-#4): CWIS (Center for World Indigenous Studies)

“We are dedicated to a wider understanding and appreciation of the ideas and knowledge of indegenous peoples and the social, economic and political realities of indegenous nations”.

CWIS is an independent, non-profit indegenous research and education organization in the United States. The center pays a lot of attention to the publication and distribution of literature written by leading indegenous contributors from Fourth World Nations. Its purpose is to establish connections among nations and between nations and the States.

The CWIS website provides information on education programs for the First Nations in the States, including certificate programs and special institutes for the Indegenous People.

It has an archive for the Fourth World Journal. The FWJ contains events and activities among the nations and discusses environmental, political, historical, economical, and social issues/changes as well as arts and traditional knowledge.

It also has a book store where you can purchase books about indegenous peoples.

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