Social Justice & Human Rights


In my searches I found a great little video about the need for improved social justice and human rights in Australia. Michael Eckford, an Aboriginal, aka Anderson, describes Australia as a country that has merged in to a culturally diverse country but this could be seen as actually returning to its former multicultural state prior to European & British invasion. Cultural and ritual tolerance as with multiculturalism, there are many different cultural groups that have different ceremonies, traditions and rituals and there are protocols set in place. Talks about how there needs to be new laws created to address the multiculturalism in Australia since many other ethnic and Indigenous groups from Asia, Europe, Africa, etc. have immigrated to Australia and now call it home. He stresses the need for greater tolerance and no acknowledgement of racism via the radio, newspapers or other media.

Another interesting video caught my eye on this topic. A Maasai Elder, Ole Suya from Simanjiro, speaks on IPR’s.

Maasai Elder on Intellectual Property Rights (English)

These videos and others like them that I’ve uncovered will make excellent additions to the research I’ve collected about my topic on Elders & Technology & the many dimensions that encompasses.

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