The Indigenous Studies Portal (iPortal)

The Indigenous Studies Portal (iPortal)

Developed by the University of Saskatchewan library, iPortal has a over 30 categories of links related to Indigenous issues. According to the “About” page, the site hosts over 21,000 records.

As an example, the link to Languages has further links for Algonquian, Cree, Athabaskan, Dene & Na-Dene, Eskaleut – Inuktitut Aleut Copper, Iroquoia, Language Legislation, Michif, Mixed Languages, Oratory Skills & Practises, Origins & Movement, Preservation, Salishan, Siouan, Systems: Writing, Signing, Toponymics, Tsimshian, Wakashan. Each of these links refers to a page of selected articles. I wish I had come across this earlier in the process of writing my analytical paper.

This is a terrific resource! The only problem for our use is that the University of British Columbia is not one of the recognized institutions. This makes it a little more difficult to find linked resources. Luckily, the site also provides an easy Google Scholar search that can be used to find the resources outside of the educational framework.


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