Alberta’s Curriculum

I have been looking into the curriculum resources for Alberta teachers and students.  According to Alberta Education’s web site, they are “leading the infusion of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit perspectives” in Alberta curriculum.  At the high school level, a clear curriculum has been developed for Aboriginal Studies and approved resources to support Aboriginal language and culture are available.  There are also supporting documents for the Social Studies program.

In regards to addressing how technology relates to supporting Aboriginal language and culture, Alberta Education provides a link to their technology conference, which occurred in August (in Banff).

Alberta Education outlines several projects and initiatives intended to support First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students.  Just some of the projects outlined are:

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ETEC 521: Kym’s Weblog Connection to Research Interests

This early in the course, I find it difficult to state concretely where I would like to focus my research interests.  I believe that my uncertainty in stating a set path right now also lies in two contrasting areas of interest.  I am a Language Arts teacher and I would like to find an area of research that directly impacts my teaching practice.  I am excited to delve deeper into the responsibility and challenge associated with effectively representing indigenous people, stories, and materials in my classroom.  Specifically, I would like to focus on how indigenous people and traditions are represented in the Alberta Language Arts curriculum, the supporting resources such as the Guide to Implementation, and suggested novels.  I would like to research how Alberta’s Language Arts curriculum, resources, and supporting technologies impact indigenous people of Alberta, and how educators can make an impact within their own classrooms and schools. 

However, having completed the readings for Module 1, I am finding myself personally drawn towards to the challenges presented in trying to find a balance between environmentalism and indigeneity.  This was an area of study that I had not really considered prior to starting the course readings, and now I am struggling to find an understanding.  The ideas presented are logical and I can understand them from a theoretical perspective, but from a personal perspective I am still struggling.  I understand the need for cultural traditions to remain intact despite rapid advancements in technology and an ever-shrinking world (where it seems that cultures blend, often getting lost as we race on).  But, as a defender of animal rights, I struggle with the idea of whale hunting being encouraged and supported.  I question how I would respond if I was mandated to teach the value of a practice that I am personally opposed to.  This conflict between my brain and my heart leads me to think this is an area that I should dive into.  Through further research, I would hope to find a theoretical and practical place of balance.  Furthermore, I would research these issues in a landlocked Albertan educational system.  What environmental issues are the indigenous people of Alberta facing?    

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