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Hi everyone,

My name is Alexandra Scott. I am originally from South Africa and have lived in China and Germany. I have been teaching for four years and this is my 5th or 6th MET module, however you want to see it as I am also doing ETEC 524 this term. I hope I manage to stay on top of both of them as a three days ago I moved to Germany and am starting a new job at Munich International School. Previously I taught in Harbin, China at a BC-offshore school and was allowed to make use of many of the previous MET modules educational technologies in my teaching practice during the start of COVID as we had to move our school online. I was due to return to China and start working in another city in China after our school in Harbin closed due to the financial impact of COVID but sadly my contract was terminated three weeks ago and so I have been blessed enough to find a new exciting opportunity in Germany.

It will be my first time teaching an IB programme at an international school but I am quite excited to learn and the school has also been amazing in allowing me to apply things I learn in MET in a new course they are developing called Digital Live so this is quite exciting as well. I hope that ETEC 522 will teach me innovation that I can teach my students and bring into the new course. Not only do I hope this course will teach me about innovation and how to teach my students that but that it will also give me an insight into the development of the educational technologies field, especially now that the world is moving more and more into online learning. I look forward to learning what makes some educational technologies successful and what does not. I also hope to learn how I can venture as I identify the needs my learners have and find or create educational technologies suitable for them and their needs.

I believe innovation is not limited to merely creating new things but it is linked to combining old ideas with new ideas and expanding on them to make them work better and develop into richer things, hence why having access to former learners ETEC522 goodies is so great. In many ways I believe innovation in education also relates to taking aspects of curriculums and combining them to make the best curriculums for learners, this is why I enjoy being exposed to various curriculums as it gives me an alternative edge and different way of engaging and teaching my learners.

On a more personal note I enjoy spending time with my cats, hiking, playing bored games with friends and travelling as it allows me to see new places as well as hear peoples stories.

I am excited to learn from my fellow authors as well as collaborate in this daunting yet exciting course.



This is me

P.S. My feature Image is one of my favourite quotes of all times and I believe quite apt a description of innovators, especially as it is said by quite a renowned innovator and describes many other innovators so well.

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  1. EmilyChen
    Hi Alexandra, I am also taking ETEC 524 this term! It’s very exciting to hear that you have just moved to a new country. It takes a lot of courage but I think with your spirit sounds like you will do just fine. Good luck with everything at the international school!
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    1. Alexandra Scott
      Hi Emily, well if we are doing the same courses together this semester then we should try and help each other out as I am sure we are both very busy at work as well. I look froward to working together.
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  2. Erica Hargreave
    Very exciting about the new job, Alexandra, and at getting to build a new course on Digital Live. That should be fun. I don’t know if you have had the chance to connect in the program with Jamie Ashton, but you should, as the two of you seem to be travelling the same roads. Jamie is from South Africa, with roots in German, and has done a bunch of teaching throughout Asia. If you have not met her, and would like an introduction, let me know. She is all kinds of alright.
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    1. Alexandra Scott
      Hi Erica, thank you. Yes I briefly “met” her in one of my courses but somehow we did not touch base again. So maybe I could get in touch with her through you somehow, or I will try her from my blog again, perhaps.
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      1. Erica Hargreave
        Are you on Facebook or Twitter, Alexandra? If so, I can make you a reintroduction to Jamie in one of those spaces, as she is quite active and receptive on both.
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  3. adrian wheeler
    Hi Alexandra, It is a pleasure to meet you, best of luck with the new job, that sounds super exciting!
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  4. tara davis
    Hi Alexandra, I got to teach a history and political science course in South Africa. It was a wonderful experience and I fell in love with the country’s music. Do you spend time in South Africa and do you have family there? Congrats on your new teaching job in Germany! How exciting. I also really enjoy traveling and hearing people’s stories. Of all of the MET courses you have taken, which ones were the most valuable to your learning? This is my first MET course, so I am hoping to plan ahead.
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