Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report from Bond Capital

May 31, is like Christmas eve for tech nerds and tech investors. On this day (or the next) each year since 1995 (with the exception of 2020) Mary Meeker, a partner at the venture capital firm Bond Capital has delivered a 150 page to 300+ page annual Internet Trends Report on the current internet market trends. This report has been heralded as the most influential and highly anticipated presentation in the tech sector. Acclaimed as the “Queen of the Internet” Marry Meeker looks back at every significant market development in the past year and looks forward at the major trends developing in the year ahead. In a perfect world Mary’s annual report would focus entirely on edTech but alas we have to settle with data on trends such as the 4.0 billion potential online learners (Figure 1), online enrollment leaders (Figure 2), growth of online learning YouTube content (Figure 3), and much much more… Here is the video presentation of Mary’s 2019 report at Code Conference 2019.

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  1. Grant MacLeod

    Jamie, although not just specific to EdTech, this is a great resource of anyone in the tech industry. I’m sure educators have used this resource to find out what is trending in all sectors to see how they can incorporate that tech into education. Thanks for posting this!


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  2. allan carmichael

    For this tech nerd, May 31 is more important for being my birthday. Sorry, Mary. You are a close second, though.

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