Copenhagen Consensus Center

The Copenhagen Consensus Center is a think tank dedicated to finding the best solutions to the worlds biggest problems. Their studies are conducted by large teams economists from internationally renowned institutions who advise policymakers and philanthropists on how to achieve the best results with their limited resources.¬†They create a framework in which solutions to the world’s big problems are prioritized, with the goal of achieving the most ‘good’ for people and the planet. They have found the most cost effective solutions to problems in a number of subjects such as education, health, climate change, inequality and more. I think this resource would be especially valuable to policy-makers and those involved in international development.

Here is a link to research and predictions made regarding education.

Bjorn Lomborg on Twitter: "@sophie_ochmann, also look at our SDG project,  analyzing which targets will deliver most social, economic and  environmental benefits per dollar spent (1000+ pages, working with 50+  teams of

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