Charles Lavigne -LlamaZOO

President, Board Director, and CEO (Chief Llama) of LlamaZOO

LlamaZoo – “Changing the way the world sees data through Spatial Business Intelligence”

Creates 3D remote training modules for anatomy students and mining companies.

2015 raised 500K in seed funds

2016 raised 350K in angel funds

2019 undisclosed amount in non equity assistance from Creative Destruction Lab

Background in game designing.  Has a degree from a new program at Vancouver Film School in 3D animation.  This experience has given him a strong background in creating 3D graphical content. This background knowledge helps in creating a vision for the venture because he has the understanding of the methods needed to design the 3D digital content.  Charles has no education in business or advertising which could work against the company if there wasn’t a board of directors and team of employees to lean on.  All of the members have different specialties: some have a financial background, others a computer background, but it looks like a good mix that can provide a wide array of perspectives.

The board is made of entrepreneurs, venture partners and microsoft general managers along with the two CEOs.  There is a breadth and depth of knowledge that has the ability to guide the company through.

3D training models have great potential for K-12, Higher Level Education and corporate training.  Creating one simulation takes thousands of hours to create and therefore may be difficult to finance as the payoff could take a long time to see. A continuous investment in digital updates will need to be taken into consideration.

What makes this venture appealing is that buying a simulation could save thousands of dollars for companies and learning institutions, along with time, as they would not have to order a variety of different tools or specimens to run labs or training centres. For some institutions this could actually have significant financial benefits.  Given there are many individuals who are working, learning and training remotely, the benefits go way beyond finances.

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