Hey there! This is Feras.

Hi everyone,

My name is Feras Alachek, and I live in Mississauga, Ontario. I have been working as an ESL teacher for around ten years, teaching basically… all age groups. To be honest, the youngest grade level I have taught was grade 5, and although I loved the experience, I came to realize that teaching little kids is not really my superpower (lol).

Yeah, I am more in harmony with adults as I am into discussions and sharing ideas about various topics. I am a big fan of soccer, reading, video games, sports, chess, board games, self-development, movies, education, and sushi!

I have chosen the MET program because I feel that it surely joins my two main strengths: Academic and professional experience in Education & my love for technology and digital integration. I like to think that this course will add to my experience and expands my horizons (a fun journey too, I hope).

This is my second term, and I am taking two courses. Let’s do this! … “you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop.”

I would love to get to know you better and see how we can collaborate to add to this experience, collectively.

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  1. PhilipIhewuokwu

    Hi Feras,

    Nice to meet you. It is great to see someone from Ontario. Considering I am in Niagara, everyone else in my courses so far feels like there are out there! Sometime, the time deference between provinces makes it hard to do group work.

    Kudos to you for taking two courses. I did take 2 courses last semester and it is quite challenging to manage them while working full time.

    Goodluck in ETEC522


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    1. Feras Alachek

      Hi Philip

      The two courses are this one and the summer institute. I thought I could manage.

      Thank you for passing by.

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  2. SallyB

    Hi Feras,
    Two courses at once – You got this! 🙂
    Love the quote you included, very motivating/inspiring.

    See you out there!

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    1. Feras Alachek

      Thank you, Sally.

      See you out there!

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  3. Josh Wood

    Nice to meet you, Feras. I’m also from Mississauga but due to covid, my family hasn’t been able to make it back from Asia in almost two years. Looking forward to working with you during the course!

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    1. Feras Alachek

      Oh, I am glad that I have met someone from Ontario. I hope you and your family will meet again soon.

      Looking forward to working with you.

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