Artificial Intelligence

10 years ago, AI was something found in science fiction movies, times have changed! AI is poised to change the education landscape. AI will change how learners learn, how teachers teach, and how content is delivered. Our group has explored AI technologies and prepared an OER which will provide you a basic understanding of what AI is, where it is used, how it is changing education, and thoughts on future venture opportunities.

Opportunity statement: 

Most education institutions do not have an AI strategy in place and do not know how to implement one. AI will transform how education systems operate in the future. Institutions need to be involved and supported in AI initiatives to facilitate change. 

Essential Resources 

Artificial Intelligence OER

New AI Enables Teachers to Rapidly Develop Intelligent Tutoring Systems 

How to make AI in education ethical 

Learn to Machine Learn — 7 Free Games that Teach Artificial Intelligence 

VCs Are Pouring Money Into the Wrong Education Startups

This is a repost of the AI OER from week 9 by group members Luke Pereira and Paul Johnson.

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  1. Nathan Bishop
    From a business perspective, AI provides an incredible opportunity to save money. Processes that are traditionally completed by people (who need to be paid) can be handled by AI. More importantly, from a pedagogical perspective, students can be given more teacher attention with the use of AI tools. An issue we see in many (if not most) schools is a poor teacher to student ratio; most students would benefit from more teacher attention. Sophisticated AI tools can save teachers time on things like grading for example, allowing them to spend more time with students. Further, AI tools can work directly with students to help with things like reading or suggesting further information in response to their answers on quizzes/tests in order to solidify or build new knowledge. Lack of time is probably the biggest complaint I hear from teachers across the board; AI tools offer efficiency and save time.
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  2. John Wu
    Artificial Intelligence can be useful in helping instructors/teachers focus more on teaching as opposed to being bogged down by clerical work such as grading or sorting through files which leads to higher task automation. Other benefits of adopting AI includes (i) personalization of content, the AI can help organize and adapt content based on each student’s performance, interests and needs (ii) Data Analytics for helping the teacher identify which students need further assistance or general responses/trend to the learning environment and (iii) Quick responses, AI chatbots could be used to answer course related questions which aren’t too complicated Some potential risks could include costs, cybersecurity issues and lack of flexibility (the human mind is more adaptable/emotional enough to handle certain situations better than an AI). Overall, it depends on HOW it’s implemented into the school structure and planned in advance as to how they will complement the teaching experience in meaningful ways
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