A3 Venture Pitch: Impact Now.

Young people have ideas, passions and talents that change our world. What if we could scale-up this impact by connecting students looking to make a difference, philanthropists wanting to fund projects, and underprivileged communities looking for help? Impact Now is a not-for-profit organization serving as the catalyst to do just this. Whether it be connecting an aspiring artist with a marginalized community to raise awareness through an ad campaign, or, connecting a university engineering student group with a village looking for an irrigation solution, our projects create real positive change. Our online platform brings people together with a challenge, talents and funding, it’s as simple as that.

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3 responses to “A3 Venture Pitch: Impact Now.”

  1. Adrian Granchelli

    Hi Josh,
    I like the sound of Impact Now and your website is beautifully designed. My concern is for competition – you stated that Impact Now is unique as it combines many things into one such as networking and crowdfunding but I would like a more explicit explanation on how it stands out from other crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, networking services such as LinkedIn, or crowdsourcing platforms such as Herox. From my perspective, I do see similar competition.

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  2. analesa crooks-eadie

    Hi Luke, I think this is a great initiative, and I admire what your venture stands for, however, I also struggle to invest because a lack of competition in your market can be suggestive of serious weaknesses. As an investor I’m looking for solutions, if you expand your viewpoints of what constitutes competition, I will invest in Impact Now!

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  3. paul johnson

    Hello Josh, very good presentation of your idea. I liked the soft colors and the easiness of the navigation. I would have liked to see more in the competition section.

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