One hot minute: The 2P’s to remember: Product and Pitch

So say you’re planning to sell a product and need to quickly come up with an 1 minute elevator pitch to boost interest. On paper this sounds like a difficult task but as a starting point, it’s good to think around the concept of product and pitch as an initial selling point.

In the video example which I’ve included, here are some comments on what was done well for Product: (i) mentioned social enterprise and corporate social responsibility/product is being sold not just for profit but also for a charity cause (ii) mandatory to mention and include PRICE when you pitch your product (iii) packaging/needs to stand out and differentiate itself from other competitors

Pitch: (i) how the product will be distributed/retail channels/internet shop (ii) who your customer focus & target demographic is/are (iii) sales volume are also important as it provides investors an idea of how much you’ve sold (eg: $20,000 vs $200,000 sold makes a difference in terms of value generated) (iv) PASSION for the pitch and idea you’re selling (v) WHY would the customer be interested in your product? (vi) most importantly: how will you make money/business model

Imagine you hear the exact same pitch for body butter, would her pitch capture your interest in buying the product?

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