Wearable technology is quickly becoming more than just a buzz phrase in sports education. From virtual technology headsets to fitness trackers, wearable technology is transforming the way we learn about our bodies. Wearable devices, the accompanying mobile applications, and the datafication that they enable, provide the wearer with invaluable personalized feedback regarding their health. The aforesaid quantification and datafication becomes exceptionally useful when the goal is to prevent sports-related injuries.

Opportunity Statement:

Existing literature proves that sports-related injuries can cause a plethora of negative physical and psychological effects in athletes. Furthermore, sports-related injuries at different levels – school, leisure, or professional-, cost the organizations and financiers billions of dollars annually. Wearable technology can educate us to minimize injuries and predict, mitigate, or prevent sports injuries at three (3) different stages:

  1. Pre-Participation, before the individual plays a sport
  2. Participation, when the individual plays a sport
  3. Recovery, after the individual plays a sport

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This is a repost of our: Week 9 OER: Wearable Technology

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