Big Data & Learning Analytics

Big Data & Learning Analytics: Holds high value in Higher Education and education as a whole because it provides real time data analysis into how students learn. What makes it so relevant in education is the fact that it is possible to predict which students are at risk and suggest suitable types of intervention to be applied. This enables instructors to adapt their teaching strategies to suit the needs of learners in an efficient and timely manner.

Opportunity Statement: Online learning emerged as a safe and viable option for education to continue to happen as the COVID-19 pandemic impacted personal, professional, and educational worlds immensely. Prior to this current pandemic, the global eLearning market was already undergoing a significant annual global growth.

Essential resources:


The Society for Learning Analytics Research

2021 Educause Horizon Report

Penetrating the Fog: Analytics in Learning and Education

Global guidelines: Ethics in Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics Toolkit

4 Ways Analytics Lead to Equity in Higher Education

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