Microlearning delivers the
right information to the
right learners, at the
right level of detail at at the
right moment they need it.

Microlearning offers short bursts of learning when it is most convenient for the learner. They can take advantage of the most optimal time for their learning during the work day, at home, or on the weekend at the coffeeshop. It is mostly used for those in higher education and those in the workforce and adjunct to their studies or work obligations.

With the increased usage of mobile devices there is a solid base for gamification in the microlearning market. This allows for anywhere and anytime learning that is engaging and motivating in which many organizations are attracted by. Organizations use microlearning as a medium for professional development for their employees as well as empower them.

Opportunity Statement

The growing demand of millennials for job variety and flexible work hours has resulted in the increasing number of freelancers who would take on multiple jobs instead of working for long hours on one job. Microlearning solution providers often target freelancers who are looking for opportunities to upskill and diversify.

Essential Resources

Our Microlearning OER, download the application EdApp, create a profile, and access our course using the invite code “#etec522micro”. Alternatively, you can also create a profile and use EdApp on your desktop.

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This is a RePost of our original Microlearning OER by Adriana Silvestre, Connie Sim, and Mark Pepe.

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