People Empowerment

Alexei Peter dos Santos

Treating cancer patients for over twenty years, and my concerns about medical education and communication between health professionals and patients are growing exponentially. Our technological development and humanity are at different paces. Technology allows us to access information infinitely and choose among various excellent and fair options. We should respect diversity and freedom of choice. Health professionals, on the other hand, prescribe medication and guide patients.

Regarding listening and respecting people’s decisions, even though, sometimes it will be unhealthy, health professionals have a long run to avoid judgment and criticism. Unfortunately, people’s options are not always the healthiest alternative. Independently, our role is to expose alternatives and guarantee free, informed and consented to decisions.
My project is to build this bridge promoting education, health, and equity.

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  1. SafaaAbuSaa

    Hi Alexei,

    It’s interesting to meet someone from the health profession here in the MET program!
    I hope you succeed in your project and I hope this course helps you to achieve that.

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