Peekabook – Educational Toy for Creative Learning

Peekabook is an educational toy that encourages children to take control of their learning with a digital device. To find more about the project, watch the video below or visit their Kickstarter page.

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  1. Kendal

    Thank you for sharing this product, Joseph. As an EVA interested in new ways for children to actively engage with “screen time,” I would back this project. As reviewers for other products have noted about Kickstarter, the pitches are of course more targeted to “general public” consumers, so there are some obvious gaps in the pitch when thinking from the perspective of a larger-scale investor. However, I found the video (and information provided on the Kickstarter website) to effectively identify: a pinch point (how technology is already a part of our kids’ lives, but it can be challenging to go beyond passive consumption and ensure we are providing opportunities for it to nurture their curiosity and creativity); a solution (creating a tool to add active inquiry and learning to screen time); marketing (users are currently being reached by Kickstart, but they would like to get Peekabook in far more consumers hands); Championship (the venture’s leaders seem competent and knowledgable about the product and why they have developed it); the “ask” (currently limited to small donations through Kickstarter); and the return (currently limited to individual units provided via Kickstarter). I like that they are clear in what they can offer now (8 books, hardware, colours, iOS, etc.) and where they are going (more books, multi-languages, potentially a creator space, android compatible). I also like how the product itself is a small and attractive physical tool (but not too small to be easy to lose) and software that you can use with existing hardware (iPad). As an EVA, I would of course want to know more information about the long term plans for growth and distribution and research what the competition (and possible differentiation) from other products is like, but would definitely be interested in investing.

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  2. Petros Katsigiannis

    Hello Joseph,

    After watching this video, I would support this product. Considering we are a technology driven society, I think this is a great way for kids to develop their creative skills while learning at the same time. Being creative and imaginative was such an important part of my life growing up. When I was a child I always loved playing with my Star Wars or Power Ranger toys, and I would always give each toy dialogue and create/write stories with the toys! Another aspect of this product that got me hooked was the fact that it can also be used as an educational tool! This tool can be a great way for parents to spend time with their children and help them learn at the same time. I really look forward to learning even more about the product and seeing in which direction it goes.

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  3. sworley

    Yes, I would invest in this product. As an EVA, I’m looking for ways to harness technology and use it for positive changes in our young learners. You can either shy away from technology or embrace it, and since it’s not going anywhere, I lean towards the embrace. The CEO did a wonderful job addressing the pain point of digital screen time for young students. Oddly, his product increases that problem but with an educational spin. It’s basically implying that he knows modern parents WILL give their kids screens, so they may as well use them productively. He did a wonderful job noting the open ended aspect of the product and the learning and discovery that would come with that. Too often kids are permitted to go on YouTube and be passive observers. This product transformers them to active and engaged learners. Now, a parent doesn’t have to feel guilty allowing their kids to use screens. At the end of the day, THAT is the solution here. It’s not about the education the student is getting, it’s the positive feeling the parent gets by allowing more screen time. This is a very clever framing of the problem. Parents would be willing to pay large sums of money for one more hour of peace and quiet! The market is the parents, and this is a large and engaged audience. This product would benefit from working with schools as well, since they would be large contracts with potential for whole school boards to get involved.
    It’s no surprise that they raised 2.5 times the amount they were looking for. It looks like they already have a manufacturer and are shipping units as I type. Their premium product is roughly $100, which is affordable as the product is immersive and the user can discover new things to see and do each time they play.
    While the pitch video was basic, the gentlemen addressed the pathos by expressing that he himself is a father and he cares for the well-being of his child. He also hit on logos when he spoke about screen time with young learners.
    This was a simple pitch with a strong message.

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  4. Paul Brown

    I would invest in this product. This is a really innovative product and I have never seen anything similar on the market. The pitch accurately hits the pain point of children having a lot of screen time with often mindless application. Their solution addresses this pain point and the video clearly demonstrates the products functionality. I am still curious at price point of the physical product and application. I see huge potential in the market once the physical device is purchased, there is so much room for updates within the app and new discovery sheets for children to continue learning. This also opens up reoccurring revenue streams if they use a subscription or pay per exploration sheet model. The pitch was well paced and informative for the use case of a Kickstarter video to gain interest – but I would like to hear more detail around distribution, manufacturing, marketing plans and growth model.

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