11 responses to “A3 Venture Pitch: Just-in-Time Learning meets Analytics”

  1. Justine

    FEEDBACK: Emma, this was a wonderful pitch! It was super informative, and I like that we were able to see how the actual program works through your demonstration. You included plenty of valuable information when pitching the idea to your VP or any other investors. Unlike most of the pitches, this was created for a program that is already out on the market, and you sold it very well! Thanks for sharing all about Pendo!

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    1. emma pindera

      Thanks so much for your feedback Justine!! 🙂 It was so fun to research and work on to develop a thorough pitch, it will likely become useful in my future to convince others in my company how awesome and helpful it is 😛

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  2. Kendal

    FEEDBACK: Thanks Emma! This was a super cool way to present your information, and I think you sold Pendo really well. Like Justine, I enjoyed the on-screen demo, and the information provided around the resources and help/support that the program provides for its users. Sounds like you shouldn’t have a problem convincing others at your company to use it!

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  3. joseph villella

    FEEDBACK: Hi Emma, thanks for your venture pitch! I have been actually looking for software like Pendo for a while! The demonstration was fantastic as it gave an opportunity to see it in-action. I think you did a great job explaining what Pendo is and just how important it is across all industries. Thanks again for sharing, and I’ll be sure to keep Pendo in mind for future projects!

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  4. Petros Katsigiannis

    FEEDBACK: Hello Emma! I really enjoyed watching through all of the sections of your venture pitch. What really stood out for me was the fact that you were able to put together a demonstration of Pendo. It was great to see the product in action! After watching all the sections, it is clear how Pendo’s would be very beneficial for my classroom as it would help keep students on track. I would definitely use it for my grade 6 ESL classes. Thank you!

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  5. EmilyOlson

    Hi Emma, this looks great! I love that you chose an existing venture to pitch, and that it allowed you to demonstrate exactly what it looks like in action when supporting a notable need. The use of articulate to put your pitch together in a multimodal way was engaging and accessible. I am definitely going to need to check Pendo out a little more, such a useful tool!

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  6. Liana

    REVIEW: Hi Emma. I actually never heard of Pendo before so this was a neat introduction to it and your demo was very useful in understanding what Pendo can do. As you mention, you didn’t provide a target audience, so I it was a bit challenging to grasp the venture as something students/teachers could choose to implement themselves or if it must be adopted by large companies (or educational institution) only. You did a nice job using an alternative presentation style.

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    1. Liana

      *EDIT: This should be labeled “FEEDBACK”

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  7. Jocelyn

    Hi Emma,
    Thank you for sharing about Pendo. Based on your pitch, I can see how the analytics portion can be a useful tool to better understand the behaviour of users. The metrics are also displayed in a manner that is easy to analyze and examine. Furthermore, I can see the value in having the resource hub and guides that are available instantly. You are clearly an expert in using Pendo.

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  8. Katie M

    Feedback: Hi Emma, I learned a lot through your pitch! Pendo sounds like a really interesting program but as an EVA who isn’t very familiar with the concept of it I probably wouldn’t invest in it. You explained it well and it does fulfill a clear role in a number of different facets of education.

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  9. Michelle To

    FEEDBACK: This is very detailed and interesting. I was surprised with your pitch and with the actual application of the venture, it was made very personalized and attractive.

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