Grading Complete!

Venturers –

By now you should have received an email with my feedback and final grading for the course. Please let me know immediately if you haven’t received this, or if you have questions or concerns. I will be submitting the grades at the end of next week, so don’t delay.

I’m enormously pleased with how well you’ve understood the core concepts of 522. If any stumbling block remains it is that important distinction between a “pitch” and a “commercial” – when you’re passionate about how valuable your idea is going to be for your users, it is too easy to forget that they’ll never receive that benefit if your venture doesn’t succeed, which is the magic your investors need to hear about in your pitch.

For those into analytics, the cohort mean was about 82%, and for A3 the mean was 21/25.

I really appreciate everyone’s attention and contributions to our shared journey this term. It has been entirely worthwhile for me. If I can serve to support any of your ventures in the future, it will be an honour.

All the best,