Emerging Markets Poll Results

We have the results of the Week #1 Emerging Markets Poll, so all of you have also received an email message under separate cover introducing you to the topic you will be covering for Assignment #2, and your team.  Please let me know immediately if you haven’t received your topic/team assignment, or if you have any concerns or questions about it.  I believe in every case everyone got one of their first choices, if it was selected within the poll.

So the peer-sourced topic roster will be as follows:

WEEK 5:  Games & Learning

WEEK 6:  Big Data & Learning Analytics

WEEK 7:  Wearables

WEEK 8:  Assistive Technologies

WEEK 9:  Neuroscience

WEEK 10:  Cloud Learning

WEEK 11:  Data Visualization

WEEK 12:  Chatbots

I love the Emerging Markets Poll – I learn so much, and am always surprised.  For example, some topics like Transhumanity simply aren’t ready for prime time yet, in terms of a professional audience like this one being ready to embrace them, and other once-trending topics like Immersive Technologies slide down the rankings.  However, while there are definitely trends over many years, there are also topics that bounce around a lot – they aren’t ‘fixed’ yet in the popular or professional imagination.

The final topics chosen aren’t simply those that received the highest rating.  I also factor in how many of you chose to review it, and sometimes even how controversial it appears to be (for example, a lower rating, but many reviews).

Don’t be disappointed if your favourite topic was not selected, or you for it.  You can always tackle some piece of it in either or both of Assignments #1 and #3.

Finally, remember that the topic assigned is only your starting point for your week and OER.  You can slice, dice and reconfigure your assigned topic however your team decides will be most interesting and valuable.  Don’t hesitate to be bold, or to ask me if you have any questions about how you’d like to handle your topic.

The only special request this session is that you provide insight into how your topic will be impacted by Artificial Intelligence technologies. This may be speculative in some cases as there won’t be a lot published on the question yet, but this is where your professional acumen can shine through!

So, please convene your teams as soon as possible to begin working out a strategy and sharing work. As you develop your topic, please also try not to stray into areas that will be covered by other teams (there is always a bit of overlap), or at least tell me if you think there might be.

Good luck, and thanks for your participation in the Poll!