Recombo -comparing 2005 to 2004

As a newly established EVA, I was impressed by the difference between Brad McPhee’s venture pitch from the 2004 video to the 2005 conversation.

CEO credibility

I felt that the CEO’s credibility had improved by leaps and bounds.  His confidence of success in the 2005 pitch was overwhelmingly obvious.  There was no doubt that he felt that his company would achieve success, and that the success achieved to date was in full support of that claim.

Management Team

Clearly this company is operating with a team framework that is flourishing.  In the 2004 presentation I wasn’t sure that there was a direct sense of the destination or growth of the company, but by the 2005 presentation, it was evident that the company was only looking forward, and was managed in a confident, clear way.

Business Model

The feasibility of this company is completely apparent in the 2005 presentation.  Brad McPhee has limitless examples of his services that are currently being used and who they are being used by and prospective clients that seek out this middleware.

Competitive Products

Clearly this technology is a competitive product, as he mentioned in the 2005 pitch that they were possibly going to IPO in that year.  With companies like IBM being interested in his services, there is no doubt that this company can capture a very competitive price for their services.

Market Readiness and Exit Strategy

Due to the fact that his company has been operating and succeeding, with many examples to provide for evidence of success, it is clear that even in the span of the one year between 2004 and 2005 that their path to success is well laid.

Technical Innovation

If companies such as IBM have taken an interest and the company is going to IPO, then they will have no difficulties keeping an edge in the current market.


As an EVA, I would not hesitate in risking my investment capital on this proposition.  McPhee exudes a confidence, with the examples to back it up, that his company has a lot of offer.  He convinces us that there are many clients who would seek out these connector and adaptor products.  Company growth and success is demonstrated in that the employee numbers doubled in a one year time period.  Investing in this company seems highly advisable.

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1 Omar Ramroop { 09.17.09 at 10:17 am }

Hi Erica,

I was also very impressed at the change between the Recombo 2004 pitch and Recombo 2005 pitch. It is amazing what a year can do for a company. We can really see the company grow and mature between the years, as we can observe from McPhee’s confidence and goal-oriented approach in the Recombo 2005 pitch.

Great analysis, and look forward to exchanging ideas with you.


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