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I have come across some podcasts at iTunes U.  Look up the Oxford Internet Institute and under that a podcast with Bernie Hogan (Sociologist and Social Network Analyst) on “Facebook: The Strength of Weak Ties”.  It looks at and perhaps offers a different view of Facebook and the relationships we have there vs our other relationships.

Facebook is #1 in UK and Canada, MySpace is #1 in US, Orkut is #1 in Brazil and India.

He looks at what happens when people do not participate in FB (for example, within a family) who miss certain interactions because they are not engaged. He talks about how some people equate being online = not being social while others feel the are being social on the internet.

Issues of equality, context, and information overload are also addressed.  Enjoy!  Sharon


1 Sean McMinn { 10.16.09 at 6:03 pm }

Sounds interesting. Thanks for posting.

2 jennie wong { 10.16.09 at 10:40 pm }


Thanks for this find. I’ve often wonder how students feel that being friends online meant that those are truly their friends. It just seem quite odd in how they all seem to have Facebook – very few do not have it. When it comes to MySpace, the result was true – it is more popular in the United States.

Good fine. There is an awesome book (another one) called Stealing MySpace. If you have time later on, pick it up and you’ll find it to be an interesting read.


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