1 Ed Stuerle { 11.30.09 at 12:27 pm }

Your pitch really hooked me and I had to learn more about your company. The pitch clearly presented the idea and led me to believe that yours was an idea worthy of attention. I appreciated the fact you created an intermediate presentation (the highlights powerpoint) which did exactly as you might expect- it highlighted your idea. I was impressed with your creative approach to describing your venture by using an e-News type of publication. You anticipated the questions that investors would have about your venture and you addressed them as efficiently as you could. One suggestion I would have is to contact the publisher of the E-Leaning E-Vesting and suggest that they pay a little more attention to the spelling and grammar checker:) Well done. I believe that you have a winner.

2 Mark Reed { 12.04.09 at 2:02 pm }


Your presentation format is interesting and effective. I think your section reviewing potential weaknesses is very insightful. The product is well thought out and indeed there are challenges in finding effective tutoring services over the net. I would suggest that if your were able to develop a product that provided tutoring support based on an individual’s personal learning style you may be able to offer a service that is not as prone to copycats. By teaching tutors you have effectively identified an emerging or new market for your venture. Another aspect, which may be helpful for the success of yourventure is the small scale model. The market potential is identified effectively in your brief as very lucrative but when large companies are involved their associated costs tend to go up as well. Therefore, as I believe you are trying to present in the business model you are employing (individual training so they can initiate their own client base) has an inherent value in that as soon as a business hires more employees they need to find the customers to support their employee base. Perhaps your model also suggests that tutors can be as busy as they want to be either full time or part time.

One area I am not sure about is how the asynchronous vs synchronous contact with clients will be addressed but that is a more detailed concern. For example, would times be set up for access with a customer in a forum or would there be a data base of resources to access for support. You do say that service will be on a 1- 1 basis and that tutors will be trained to use various tools that I presume suit them. A few more details on the actual product would be helpful – how the training will occur and what it will entail.

Overall I think the venture is a good idea. It is well presented and has some good potential for development. In terms of getting a return on my investment I would be hesitant to invest at this point based on the uncertain potential for profits. Well done and good luck with your business.

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