My take on eduFire


eduFire Elevator Pitch –

 He started with what I would consider as “wishful thinking”. He got my attention at that time. In my mind, I was thinking… “Yeah, that would be nice.” or “I’ve never thought of that. It’s just common sense. How come I’ve never thought of that idea?”

 The general idea of the business/website is clear—live video learning by one-on-one training

 The solution was straightforward—use their infrastructure.

 There were some information that I was hoping he would mention:

  1. Who are the people behind the company? I need to know if this company has credibility and has the technical know-how.
  2. A quick glimpse (for educators) on how easy it would be to sign-up, create, use, and upload courses.
  3. Does it have online authoring software?
  4. What percentage of the educators’ profit goes to eduFire?
  5. Differentiation. What would make their company different from other web hosting site? What’s the advantage of hosting with them? Some educators created their own site and generated a lot of followers ( )
  6. Their market share / size of their community
  7. Would they help in marketing the courses?

 At the end of pitch, it made me re-think… “Do I even want to partner with them?” (Create some courses and have them hosted at eduFire.)

 The speaker did mention the website’s url. But, I prefer to hear what’s important to me from the speaker rather than spend time researching about it.


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