I chose to play a number of the games that seemed to all put you in a first-person context.  The first game that I played was the game Spent.  Spent was a pretty well crafted game that was quite short and based on a number of decisions as a single parent that has lost everything.  It was an interesting play, well designed, and followed through logically.

What I found with this game (and with others) is that they were designed to increase empathy for those that are less fortunate.  Each of the games had links to donate money at the end of the game to the cause and were quite short.  Because they were so short, it almost made me think that they were an in-your-face advertisements (even if for a good cause) and not intended to learn, but instead make you donate.

This is a great collection of games all the same.



Posted in: Week 05: Game-Based Learning