Concluding Week 5

A big thank you to all for an engaging, collaborative week of Game Based Learning analysis. The discussions were enlightening (and fun!) and we saw various ways of engaging with, and analyzing the effectiveness of, games for learning. There were several very formal analyses done, and others that were more of a quick overview of the experience, but a unifying theme seemed to be emotional engagement with the games. There were lots of “I felt…” statements, indicating that this seems to be a critical factor in how we interact with a game or simulation. Hopefully we have come away from the week with some ideas on what makes for a good educational game, what to avoid, and how we may be able to use them (or create them) in the future. We were pleased to see the practical applications emerging in the discussions, and happy to see a few opinions start to sway away from the ‘games don’t belong in school’ side of the fence.

Polling results:
Based on the results from the PulsePress voting tool, the game most voted for was Spent. That being said, it appears that the main point of impact of the game was the emotional engagement. As one person pointed out, it was obvious from the start that we were being set up to fail. More than one person pointed out how it could be used in context of a larger, social justice framework.
A point that emerged out of this discussion, however, was the idea that we couldn’t see a school board buying a game such as this. And furthermore, that it seems unlikely that they would invest in any games of this nature, since so much good material is freely available online. So how do we make money here? What is the key to a financially successful gaming venture?

Great points, great engagement, great discussions.

To complete your experience, please take a few moments this coming week to check out the finalized wiki that you have created, as well as the wordle cloud below to see where we think the future of gaming is headed. Maybe through this analysis, we will be able to see where the opportunities (and the money) are…

Thanks again!

Team 5
Tamara, Michelle, Julie, Emily and Andrew



Wordle: Future Directions GBL for Adults

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