Yes, still reading in the tub . . .

At school, we have 20 minutes twice a week devoted to BOB (Bring on the Books) which is basically silent reading. Usually, it’s 20 minutes of admonishing students to read rather than talk/fidget or listening to someone flip through a magazine or, heaven forbid, the dreaded sniffling of a runny nose! This year, I allowed the kids to read on their electronic devices with the fear of losing the device if I caught them texting on it. To my surprise and delight: success! While most students are still reading paperbacks and hardcover texts, there are a few who are reading from their iPhones, iTouch and someone even brought in their iPad. They were the envy of the class. Of course, it does help that their teacher is reading on her iPhone, too!

Interesting conversation came up after about what we were reading. Some of the students had purchased books and were reading them online. A couple were reading free classics but they liked the idea that they always had a book with them.

We have also just introduced kindles into our library for kids to read on. So far, we have seen kids read faster and more books. Although I still enjoy my paper books, I like the impetus ebooks have given to the young people and literacy. However, I’ve dropped a couple of books in the bathtub while reading. So far, so good with the reading in the tub with the electronic device 🙂

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