Silent Blogger ?


I am fascinated with blogging. Unfortunately, I am a person of few words. I am not sure if I have what it takes to be a great blogger.

I use blogging for pleasure. I create online tutorials (mostly images and codes).  But, I use Moodle (LMS) in all of my classes.


a) comfort zone

b) I can generate/create an online quiz

c) I can keep track of all my students’ assignments and lab work

d) I can easily duplicate (import) my work in one class to another class

One of the things I teach in my class is basic HTML. Most of my students would complain about the tags and too many things to type. Yes, it is part of the plan. I want them to feel “frustrated”… then I introduce blogging. I give them 2 months to blog about anything that they like such as cars, restaurants, fashion, computers, games, etc …

I often use WordPress. Last semester, most of my students used blogger.

I came across Drupal few years back. But, I did not really pay attention to its features. I could not remember why.

I watched the Edublogs video. It looks promising. I might give it a try.



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