Anyone for a Vlog?

Since we are using a blog for ETEC 522, what features do you think could be added to make our learning experience even better (keeping in mind we are adults, and our focus here is K-12 students)? Do you think there is room for another venture? What would move blogging from good to great?

This may be gilding the lily, but since blogs tend to be so text-based, how including choices to add stronger visual and aural components to the platform’s organization.  I was thinking of a VoiceThread style blog where respondents’ replies add around the central comment, which can be text or video. I know that none of us (that I know of) have tried the voice reply that is available in this WordPress blog, however. Is it because we’re shy or is it harder to formulate a coherent thought without writing it down first anyway? Personally, I like to skim text so I would find having to play and replay comments from the beginning less convenient, but it is nice to have a choice!






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