education blogging market…

Blogging offers lots of benefits, but the ‘getting started’ learning curve can be intimidating (even if its not). When I talk to other teachers about blogging, they say that its something they are interested in, but haven’t had time to investigate and learn about it enough to get started. I think a great product geared towards education (or blogging in general) could create templates that lay out the sections, along with some introductory explanations of how to use it that could be edited by the user. For example, a teacher wanting to have students post lab reports could choose that template – maybe it has /sections like hypothesis, procedure, results and analysis. Perhaps within the results and analysis sections have access to graphing, charting tools, etc. The plug-ins should be intuitive and reflect what someone would likely want to see there. Themes start to do this, but to offer a more fully functioning loaded product that could then easily be tweaked for the purposes of the user(s) could be profitable.


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