Google just introduced the Chromebook, a…

Google just introduced the Chromebook, a netbook that is tailored for classroom use.  The idea is that with all basic programs and files in the clouds, Chromebook can be turned on or “woken up” from sleep mode in seconds.

Open Chromebook when you need it, and close it whenever you want to move on. This would certainly help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms, as it is much easier than having to book a computer lab, herding the crowd to the computer room and then spending 5 minutes (if you are lucky) waiting for everyone to log in.

Since applications in the cloud such as googledocs, googlecalendar are such efficient tools that for collaboration, it certainly helps in group projects and discussions. Students’ work can also be easily documented without having pieces of paper floating around. It also makes it easier for teachers to share and collaborate.

Google Chromebook:

Designer of Chromebook:

 real-time sharing

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No more security updates, much shorter start up time… but crashing tabs and lagging flash videos due to low memory can be very frustrating. It is also not very cheap. A Chromebook is around $450, while the price of a netbook could range from $200-$600.

More about netbooks:

I have not used Chromebook myself, but after doing more research on this, it makes me feel that it’s a great idea that needs more time to be ironed out.

Some comments from Chromebook users on Betanews:


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