Discussion 2: Individualization

The ipad has a lot of potential to individualize learning in very specific ways. A student can access a lot of supplementary, near-instantaneous information to assist them in their learning. If they need help reading or understanding a word or concept, this help is there for them. This immediate help can yield increased motivation and self-sufficiency for the student. I also see the potential of the ipad for different interface interactions. Perhaps students will be able to use voice to dictate writing. I also see possibilities in enhanced phrase prediction tools, so the writing of a complete sentence will be faster. This will likely occur with all the texting and pop-up keyboards that are emerging in the market. I’ve seen it in assistive technologies such as ‘read and write gold’ before, but there was definitely room for improvement.

On the disadvantage side, I see issues with the ways in which the positives could be seen in an institutional education setting. If the device is truly to be targeted to someone’s individual needs, then having a shared device across a number of students makes no sense. Not only that, but having only sporadic access would prevent the device from truly becoming part of how a student operates and interacts with learning. You are only likely to fully buy-in and utilize the device if its always with you. There is also the factor of having access outside of the school building. Add to this the fact that the devices would be a high theft item, the management and use of the ipads might be troublesome. In an ideal world with 1-1 access, the potential impact is great.



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