Discussion 3: new production techniques

I am choosing to address the ‘information production’ issue, and to do so I am going to extend my personal experience and opinions to a larger population. I have recently discovered (in the last few years) that any inclinations I used to have of thinking of myself as ‘original’ are pointless, and that if I’m thinking or doing something, then chances are many others are too…

I think we see this as an issue because we are thinking in terms of what we are used to doing before this technology. We are used to typing into a word processor. If we really think about how well matched a word processor is to the way we truly consider, create and produce ideas and information it starts to become apparent that it’s not great. There is a place to develop a better way to interact with our computers to get our ideas out there. We may not be able to picture it right now because of our blinders. The potential is here, though, to start using voice to text ‘information production’ techniques. The ipad (and tablets in general) are providing us with access to video and audio production and mashing, which really better reflects how we operate in the real world than sitting writing at a computer. Now I’ve got to get up and stretch my legs. I think my butt fell asleep…;)



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