Discussion #2 – Too frustrating for an ESL adult

 I don’t currently use an iPad in my class and I don’t own one – I have a blackberry playbook.  I got the playbook because of it’s size, it is easier to thumb type than one finger type like on the iPad, it’s multitasking abilities, and it’s ability to run flash.  The biggest advantage my playbook has over my lap top is portability, but I only usually use it for reading, surfing, and playing games. I don’t feel like it has had much of an impact on how I conduct my school life or my teaching. 


In a classroom situation a distinct advantage an iPad seems to have is it is green and it is novel.  However, beyond that I think tablets in my class might be a disaster.  As I teach adults how to speak English I feel that requiring them learn something additional would only serve to further frustrate them.  I’ve had students get angry and upset and one even walked out when they had to use a regular computer in English and I think a tablet might be even more frustrating. 

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