Discussion # 3 Bates and Poole tells it all

As an EVA I would be tempted to first apply the Bates and Poole sections model to look at whether or not the iPad would be a smart investment for the classroom.


S- Students: As others have pointed out younger students would be the best candidates for iPad in the classroom as they are both familiar with computers and have the patience to learn something new.  Also there seems to be many apps for young children that would be of use. However, students that I tend to teach would be the worst candidates as many of them aren’t familiar with computers, don’t have much money to spend on one, and don’t have the patience to learn something different to learn English.

E- Ease of use: For a younger student an iPad would seem to be easy to use as they are already familiar with computers, but adults who don’t speak the language would find it much more difficult.

C- Cost: this is a tricky situation as an iPad has a larger startup cost but seems like it might pay for its self in the end.  If you think about the amount of paper it would save, money on textbooks, computer software etc. the iPad would pay for itself in the end.

T- Teaching and learning: There is an issue of teaching students how to use the tablet but in an elementary school situation it would be a benfit for the students.  For adult language learners who are just focused on being able to survive teaching them how to use an iPad seems like a waste of time – especially to the students.

I- Interactivity: The potential for interactivity is amazing with the iPad. Students can benefit from individualized learning and each can use their iPad to participate in class.

O- Organizational issues:  To implement an iPad in a classroom you would require first the money, then the alteration of the curriculum to suit the iPad. Next, come the training of the teachers, and later the training of the students. Included in this would also be tech support as well as charging stations and storage for the iPads.

N-Novelty: I feel like there is a big novelty factor with iPads.  It is cool and new but there are lot of limitations to it including no MS word, no flash, and typing is difficult.

S- Speed: It would take a long time to care for the organizational issues and implementation in the classroom would take careful planning.


As an adult language teacher EVA I wouldn’t invest in iPads for my classroom but can see the benefits for classrooms with younger students. 

Bates, A.W., and Poole, G. (2003). Effective teaching with technology in higher education: Foundations for success. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers. 79 – 80.

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