Day 1 & 2 – Brain Food

My current m-learning activities are ad hoc — when I need to quickly figure something out (for example, while cooking dinner I needed to know how many cups were in a quart) my phone is the go-to tool. I listen to a few podcasts, and while these can be quite educational, they’re chose for their entertainment value.  My iPhone is overwhelmingly the place I go for quick look-ups, but not my technology of choice for longer, more involved tasks or learning.

I do have a couple of learning apps on my iPhone, one of which is Mind Snacks’ app for learning French vocabulary. The app provides a fun way to do basic vocabulary refreshers in the form of games. It uses the touch-screen technology as the main method of interaction, and allows the app to be much more video game-like than other language apps I’ve seen. What it does well is drill & kill, I believe it’s called 🙂 And it’s fun. The graphics and music are bright and cheerful, and I have a hard time turning it off once I’ve started. At least at the basic levels, there’s not a lot of context for the language. I don’t think this format and method would transfer well to teaching grammar, or to helping people develop well-rounded language skills. The focus is on recognizing and reading, rather than writing or speaking. This app is game that helps with learning vocabulary, and it does that very well.

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