A Venture for Accountable M-Learning

I was tentatively planning to post my own A3 relative to one of my emerging ventures, but I’m not sure I’ll have time to create a pitch worthy of our upcoming Venture Forum (!).

However, as one on my ventures fits comfortably into the Mobiles discussion I thought I’d introduce it here, possibly for good critical EVA analysis as well.

Within my Mobile Muse innovation network we’ve launched a new project with a number of Vancouver-area collaborators, including local school districts, to demonstrate “accountable public engagement”  within a project called “Friending Mother Nature” (brief below).

The general idea is to integrate mobile services, location awareness, social networks, and e-commerce engines to make self-guided or group-oriented m-learning fully “accountable”  (in our case we intend to demonstrate accountability in terms of social capital, informal commerce, formal commerce and academic credentialing, all meshed together).  Related to traditional education, think in terms of field trips staged on mobile devices where each portion of the lesson plan requires some action by the learner at some place in the real world, and each step of the learning journey is validated and ‘scored’ in real time).

I can provide further background for anyone that might be interested.  Comments welcome.

And yes, if I get around to it this week, I’ll try to post one of my other emerging ventures into our Venture Forum!

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