Day 2: Darwin Awareness is nice, but Rotten Tomatoes is great!

After examining the stalking tools – ahem, I mean, social analytics tools – out there, it is interesting that this seems to represent another level of disconnection. By this I mean, we are obviously so busy that we’ve gone from watching/reading the news, to reading blogs, to getting RSS feeds, to having the feeds focused and summarized for us. We want something to make it even more concise so we can get a quick idea at any time about what’s going on. I would assume that we would then follow in depth the issues that we deem important for our purposes. This has value for sure. No one wants to be out of the loop. Interesting, though, to think about what is gained from reading a blog or news article, and reading how it is being interpreted in comments and discussion. There is variability between the topic and the reaction to the topic. I wonder if this is captured as well in the ‘trending now’ types of information. For me, the ultimate useful tool of this type for the common man/woman is Rotten Tomatoes. By rounding up all the reviews out there, and providing an overall response to the movie, I see that its being discussed, I see why, and I see the overall outcome of the discussion.



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